How To Make Swagbucks Your Default Search

The best way to earn lots of Swagbucks quickly is to set it as your default search engine. Here’s how:

Open Internet Explorer and click on the dropdown next to your search toolbar. It’s probably set for Bing or Google as the default.

Click “Find More Providers” and you are taken to this Windows page. This is where you’ll set the default, so keep this tab open.

Now, open another window or tab. Go to, type the word “test” (no quotes) into the box, and click Search the Web.

You’ll get a results page. Go to the address bar, highlight all the text, then right click and select “Copy”.

Go back to your Windows page and click in the top text box (1) under “Create Your Own.” Right click to paste the text you just copied from the Swagbucks page. In the second text box (2), type “Swagbucks” or “Search”. Then click “Install” (3).

You’ll get a dialogue box asking you if you’re sure you want to install. Check the box for “Make this my default search provider” and click “Add Provider.”

Congratulations—you’re done! Now your searches will automatically use Swagbucks.

Print this BrownThumbMama Tutorial.

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