I’m an Urban Homesteader

2/21/11 update: Deanna at Crunchy Chicken has compiled a list of urban homesteaders who are protesting this trademark. Check us out!

“Hi, I’m BrownThumbMama and I’m an urban homesteader.”

This is just one of the categories I place myself in, but at the moment it’s a dangerous place to be. A family in Southern California who grows their own food and lives a self-sufficient lifestyle has trademarked “Urban Homestead” and “Urban Homesteading.”

OK, so what’s the problem? They recently started sending cease and desist letters to bloggers, libraries, community groups and others, shutting down their Facebook pages and engaging in other bullying tactics.

These actions just disgust me. My experience with blogging, gardening, self-sufficient living, and general green/crunchy-ness has been overwhelmingly positive. There is a camaraderie among folks who are bucking the capitalist life to help the Earth and each other.

There are so many things I want to try, and good examples that I’m trying to follow. I learn from these and other bloggers every day, with every post.

I used to be impressed by this family because they supported themselves and made a living from their homestead. I used to stop by their blog and be amazed at the amount of food they grow their yard. Now I’m sickened by the fact that they’re trying to monopolize a phrase and a popular movement for their own gain.

Take Back Urban Homesteading” on Facebook

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  1. says

    Amen! There’s such a great community of people living this lifestyle — and they’ve chosen to alienate rather than be part of it. It was a dumb move on their part (understatement of the year, perhaps…). But the good thing about it is that it galvanized the rest of the community. I’ve discovered so many other urban homesteaders in the last couple of days, all thanks to them :-)

  2. says

    Found you on the FB Take Back Urban Homesteading page and am following now. Love the blog, and not just because I have the same Johnny’s seed catalog in front of me. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Anonymous says

    Totally agree! In the beginning they inspired me and then they started asking for donations and constantly promoting their “store”. They never really answer your questions when you ask them specifically how they did such and such. Very disgusted with them over this whole thing!

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