Five Minutes with Siri

After saving up for a while, I went all-out and got a new iPhone 4S. It comes with a voice-activated personal assistant called Siri, and word on the street is she’s darn funny.

Since she quotes Hitchhiker’s Guide and Monty Python, she clearly has a geeky side. I figured I’d quiz her and see what she had to say.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Siri!”
Siri: [inquisitive bleep]

“Siri, which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars?”
“I don’t know what you mean by that.”

Ok. Maybe she’s into adventure more than sci-fi. I tried a line from Conan the Barbarian.
“Siri, what is best in life?”
“Checking your location…”
(Double sigh. Did I really just spend a zillion bucks for this?)

Then I posed a tried-and-true comic question.
“Siri, can Wolverine beat the Hulk?”
“Sorry, I don’t understand.”
(Seriously? Everyone knows that.)

This one will be a disaster, I thought.
“Siri, who is Luke’s father?”

There’s hope! I was starting to wonder about the geek cred of her programmers. Maybe they were just avoiding the Star Trek vs. Star Wars question.
Just for grins, I tried one last thing.
“Siri, who’s the fairest of them all?”

 Allrighty then! I guess she can stay.

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  1. Roberta says

    Hahaha!! So the answer to the question above will be universal so all can
    relate… Pee-pee,Ca-ca, Poo-poo!!! Thanks Suri!!! Hahahaha

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