Why Didn’t I Think of That? Wednesday

I’ve been told I’m a bit of a rebel. (I can’t be the ONLY ONE who dyed their hair purple on maternity leave, can I?)

So when I invented Why Didn’t I Think of That? Wednesday, it never occurred to me to check and see what the rest of the world was doing.

Yep, while I was blissfully bopping along, all by my lonesome, about 16 kajillion other bloggers were participating in Works For Me Wednesday, over at We are THAT Family. Whoops.

Since I was off doing my own thing, I have the distinct honor to not be mentioned even once in their new ebook, called That Works for Me!

In spite of my absence, there is some serious tip assemblage here, people. We’re talking 800 tips for just $8.00. If you waited for me to come up with 800 tips, we’d be here until 2027. (And they’d be tips about dentures and walkers…but I digress.)

In addition to the usual cleaning, laundry, and baby info, you’ll find tips about beauty, holidays, entertaining, marriage, pets, computers, travel, and more!

Like I said, I’m late to the party–don’t look for BrownThumbMama tips in this book. But I’m gunning for inclusion in the next one.

And since it’s Wednesday and old habits die hard, here’s one last Why Didn’t I Think of That? Wednesday tip. Starting next week, I’ll switch over to Works for Me Wednesday and join the rest of the blogging universe (ahem).

Each Wednesday I’ll share a tip to make your week go more smoothly or just make you say “aha!”

Does your coffee grinder perform double duty by grinding spices? Tired of your morning java tasting like peppercorns? Put a little oatmeal or uncooked rice in the grinder and pulse until the smell is gone.

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  1. Anonymous says

    A coffee grinder is also useful for grinding up whole flax seeds – you get the benefit of both the shell with its fiber, and the seed and its Omega-3 oil/fat. Goes great on salad. -Ogre

  2. says

    Actually, I was going to say what Anonymous said, because I have two coffee grinders. One for my coffee and one for my flax seed. I never even thought to grind up spices. But then I buy mine already ground. At least I think I do.

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