Scrubbing potatoes is SUCH a pain!

You know there’s nutrition in the potato skin, but nobody wants to eat the dirt the potatoes are planted in. You have to scrub the potatoes, but how?

Scrubbing potatoes is SUCH a pain!

Kitchen sponges are dirty and full of germs.

Scrubbing potatoes is SUCH a pain!

Who can find a vegetable brush in this mess?

A washcloth won’t do you any good.

And scrubbing each potato just takes too long!

What a disaster! What’s a mom to do?

You need ScrubGlove 3000! This innovative, exciting new product is just the thing when it’s time to scrub potatoes.

This convenient, stylish glove fits right onto your hand, making potato scrubbing a breeze.

Also good for a Michael Jackson costume at Halloween.

Just imagine all the tasks that will be made easier with your Scrub Glove 3000. You can clean carrots, scrub potatoes, and scratch your nose without having to put a scrub brush or sponge down.

Just look at the amazing cleaning action provided by the Scrub Glove 3000!

Scrubbing potatoes is SUCH a pain!

Scrubbing potatoes is SUCH a pain!

But wait! Be one of the next 50 bazillion people to pick up one of these “exfoliating bath gloves” and you’ll get a matching Scrub Glove 3000 for free! That’s two–Two–TWO gloves for the price of one!

Scrubbing potatoes is SUCH a pain!

Don’t wait! Buy your Scrub Glove 3000 today!

No potatoes were harmed in the making of this post.

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  1. Craig says

    My job on the farm was to put potatos in a bucket, pour in some water, and stir vigorously using an old broom handle. No dirt and all ready for the pot. My wife likes your way better :)

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