Uses for Empty TP Rolls

Uses for empty TP rolls:

I just love you guys.

Out of curiosity, I asked this recently on Facebook: When you change the TP roll, do you put the old tube in the recycling?

I figured I’d get a bunch of people clicking “like” or saying “nope.” Instead, you guys gave me lots of ideas for reusing them. Check these out!

Heather and Kathy are thinking of using them for worm composting.

Jennifer uses them for seed starting.

Lazell and California’s Harvest collect them for camping season, when they’re great for fire starters.

Andrea puts them around seedlings to protect them from cutworms (I do too!). Here they are guarding my bok choi.

Donna saves them for the kids, who use them for arts and crafts.

Rachelle is using them to make Christmas decorations.

Lolly sent us this video that shows how to transform them into art.

Kristi puts them in her compost.

Diane pointed out that “As the female head of household, I am the only one capable of changing the TP.” LOL!

If you don’t feel like recycling or reusing, Shelly points out that Scott is testing a tube-free version. Brilliant!

Any more ideas? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. says

    My two littlest boys fight over them. Didn’t you know they are telescopes? And if the rolls in both bathrooms end up empty at the same time they’re binoculars!

  2. Buffy Miller says

    I fold up my electrical cords from hair dryers, curling irons, extension cords, etc. and feed them through the TP rolls.

  3. rcatheron says

    I hate to throw them away, so when I read somewhere that they make good campfire starters, I made a bunch to pack with the camping supplies. Cut one in half to make two short lengths, fold one end up to make a bottom (like a coin wrapper), stuff with dryer lint, pour a little melted candle wax in, and let it cool. They light quickly and burn just long enough to get a small campfire started!

  4. Debra Peterson says

    I slice them the long way and then slip them on rolls of wrapping paper to hold them in place. It has kept my stock from getting nasty folds and wrinkles.

  5. Gina says

    Use them
    To organize extension cords. Wind cords up squeeze one end thru tube and viola a cord is captured and not all tangled.

  6. Tiffany says

    TP rolls came in super handy while I was moving. I had saved up several for an organizing project I was going to do, but decided to procrastinate that a little longer. I used them to wrap around some old posters to keep them from being damaged in the U-Haul. I also secured necklaces around them to keep them from getting tangled in the move. Because of their fold-a-bility, they also helped to secure certain odd-shaped delicate breakables.

  7. CTY says

    They can be used as molds when making emergency candles from odds & ends of leftover candles. I cover the bottoms with aluminum foil to prevent leaking and stand them up in old jars (to keep from falling over whilst I fill them). Once they have hardened I tear off the roll and save for camping fire starters.

    Wrapping paper rolls fit great on my vacuum cleaner hose; I flatten them nearly completely and I can vacuum under appliances, between refrigerator coils and lots of other odd spaces. These days I have to ask people to save them for me because I either use gift bags or fabric to wrap (my stash has grown so much I think I can clothe the third world).

  8. Terena says

    I Modge Podge decorative fabric on them hot glue pretty ribbon or cording on the end add 4-5 layers of Modge Podge inside and out, be sure to let dry between layers. Great fokeeping your cords nearly rolled up for storage. I use then on curling iron, regular iron in laundry, in the kitchen on my mixer and Brauhn,or small extension cords.They will last for years. You can ask stores for the larger ones they use in their restrooms Modge Podge comics on them (something manly) also 4-5 layers they are great for the larger extension cords

  9. Deborah says

    I glue decorative paper, ribbons, lace, or trim on them. Then I bring them with old jewelry then place a “handle” on made with matching themed ribbon or lace. Then I take the little net bags you get at the dollar store, stuff it with potpourri, laundry crystals, or perfumed cloth. These I sell or give away as gifts for sachets to be hung in your closet or displayed proudly hanging on your wall.

  10. Betty Kibby says

    I must live in a bubble! Thank you for all the awesome ideas….I will NEVER throw away a TP roll again!

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