How to Freeze Garlic

While it’s impossible to have too much garlic, it is possible to have more fresh garlic than you can eat before it begins to sprout.

This is exactly what happened to us when a friend gave us the excess garlic from his harvest, combined with a bumper crop from our garden. This is only part of it–and I knew we couldn’t get through it all fast enough!

How to freeze garlic:

It’s easy and smart to freeze your garlic, and it only takes a minute to prep.

You will need:
Olive oil
Choppermajigger (I use this one), optional
Large mason jar for peeling, optional

Step 1. Peel massive amounts of garlic. The fastest way to do this is to separate the cloves and place them into a large mason jar. Put on the lid and shake, shake, shake. Warning: this will cause your husband and children to dissolve into hysterical laughter–but it really works!

How to Freeze Garlic:

How to freeze garlic:

Step 2. Put peeled cloves into your choppermajigger (Small Helper Child optional) and pulse until garlic is the desired texture. I left mine at a fine dice, since you can always make it smaller but ya can’t make it bigger.

How to freeze garlic:

How to freeze garlic:

Step 3. Scoop the garlic into a bowl, add olive oil, and stir gently. Use a little less than 2 tablespoons of oil for each cup of chopped garlic. More oil isn’t better, as we’ll see in Step 4.

How to freeze garlic:

Step 4. Using a tablespoon or regular spoon, plop scoops of garlic onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or a Silpat. You can see that the first scoops are better formed and the ones at the end look pretty sloppy. This is because there’s too much olive oil left in the bowl and the garlic doesn’t form as well.

How to freeze garlic:

Step 5. Put the cookie sheet in the freezer. Send Hubby to the freezer for ice cream and see what he says when he finds the garlic. Just kidding about that part.

Step 6. After a few hours, your garlic will be frozen into tidy little pucks. Place them in a zip bag and store in the freezer!

How to freeze garlic:

Step 7. Optional, based on the continued presence of Small Helper Child: get all the pieces of garlic “paper” off the counter, floor, and hair of said child. Thank her for helping, and send her on her way.

How to freeze garlic:

How do you preserve garlic? Do you bake it, freeze it, pickle it? Share with us in the comments!

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    I dried garlic last season and its just lasted us through to the next garlic season. It is about the same amount of work as your freezing method, and took a couple of days in he dehydrator. Then I just kept it in a jar and used up the fresh garlic first, then into the dried granules, its been really convinient. I like your mason jar method, peeling the garlic is the worst part!

  2. says

    We’ve also discovered that if you roast a head of garlic you can just throw it as-is in the freezer and it’s pretty easy to squeeze out of the skins/peel as needed.

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