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DIY Screen Cleaner

This simple screen cleaner spray has only 2 ingredients and works great on your phone, iPad, laptop, and more. Skip the expensive cleaners at the store and make your own!…

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Salmon & Tomato Salad

Salmon & Tomato Salad is a perfect make-ahead lunch. It’s bursting with juicy flavor thanks to NatureSweet Cherubs tomatoes and…

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5 Vegetables to Plant in April {Zone 10}

It’s time to plant vegetables that love the heat. Here are 5 vegetables you can plant in April (Zone 10)….

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12 Vegetables to Plant in April {Zone 9}

This planting guide for Zone 9 contains 12 vegetables you can plant in April for a great harvest this summer….

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Natural, Nontoxic Oven Cleaner

Cleaning your oven can be easy! Get rid of those chemical oven cleaners and use this natural, nontoxic oven cleaner…

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