11 Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping


It’s easy to go crazy at the mall, and if you don’t have money set aside the gifts go on your credit card.

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By the time the bills are paid, it’s too late to start saving for next Christmas because the budget has been tight for so long.

Here are some easy ways to save money while Christmas shopping. The more tips you use, the more you’ll save!

The list isn’t there to squelch your creativity, it’s there to make sure you don’t forget any people or events.

Make a list

Keep track of ideas

If a friend mentions a shirt they like or a book they’ve always wanted to read, jot it down.

Figure out a budget

And be realistic. Don’t overcommit or plan on money you don’t actually have

Don't go to the mall

Besides the hassle of parking and crowds, you’ll either have to pay a sitter or bring the kids with you which means you’ll also have to worry about snacks, naps, and gimmes.

Shop online

There are lots of ways online shopping can save you money. 

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