Making natural living easy.

Whether you need simple recipes, gardening advice, or tips for a non-toxic home–there’s something here for you.

Making natural living easy.

Whether you need simple recipes, gardening advice, or tips for a non-toxic home–there’s something here for you.

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Welcome to the place where everyday moms learn how to create a greener home.

With easy recipes to replace packaged foods, tips for growing your own vegetables, and guidance on how to rid your home of hidden toxins, Brown Thumb Mama is your guide in creating a more sensible and sustainable way of life.

  • Maybe you’re tired of disposable living, styrofoam cups, and plastic bags.
  • Maybe you want to grow a few vegetables instead of relying on the store.
  • Maybe you’d like to make your own natural bath and body products.
  • Maybe you’re interested in cooking your favorite packaged foods from scratch.

Welcome home…you’re in the right place.

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Make your own soap, create your own Febreze without the chemicals, and produce your own copycat poo-pourri -- these articles will get your started.

Find yourself craving french fry seasoning from fancy restaurants, caramel corn without the corn syrup, or delicious homemade bread? These posts are for you.

Skip the supermarket and grow your favorite vegetables and fruits, whether you're growing on an apartment patio, sunny windowsill, or city backyard.

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Hey, I’m Pam!

For many years, I was a corporate employee who spent more time in a cubicle than I did at home. When we started our family, I knew that it was time to make a radical change. I didn’t want our kids to grow up on fast food and TV dinners; I wanted them to know the cycles of nature and to help take care of their planet.

Even though we lived in the city, we made sustainable choices whenever we could. I started growing vegetables in our front and back yards, baking my own bread, and shopping at thrift stores. I wanted to be more self-sufficient: a creator, not a consumer. 

After several years of trial and error, I created Brown Thumb Mama to share this journey and help you live a greener life. Some people think it’s weird, and that’s fine. This is a place for the rest of us.

You’re marching to the beat of a different drummer? Good. I am too.

Let's go change the world.

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