The Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle

Imagine picking fresh, healthy vegetables for your family's dinner, every day...instead of paying the high prices at the grocery store.

Imagine your kids clamoring to go outside and see what's ripe--then eating cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and green beans right off the vine...instead of playing on their electronics and eating junk food.

Imagine having delicious, organic vegetables to share with your friends and family, all from your own vegetable garden!

You might think this sounds like an impossible dream, but it is totally possible--with the Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle.

My name is Pam, and I've been gardening in a tiny corner of my city backyard for 20+ years. In these small garden boxes, we grow more vegetables than our family can eat!

And you can do the same... even if you've never had a garden before--even if you only have a tiny patio--even if you've never planted a seed, with:

The Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle!

This informative, easy-to understand ebook bundle was made especially for beginning gardeners. Whether you're growing vegetables in your city backyard, on an apartment patio, or on 5 acres in the country, you'll find tons of helpful information and down-to-earth gardening tips here.

What's in the Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle?

This bundle contains everything you need to start vegetable gardening...just add plants.

Get Your Garden Started! is a simple and thorough introduction to vegetable gardening ($20 value).

Complete Vegetable Garden Planting Schedules tells you exactly what vegetables to plant each month, no matter where you live in the US ($20 value).

Beginner's Guide to Making Compost gives you step-by-step instructions for making this "black gold" to enrich your garden soil ($5 value).

Free bonus! Vegetable Garden Companion Plants tells you which vegetables should be planted together and which ones should stay apart.

You'll get all these resources instantly via digital download for just $29--a savings of more than 35%!

When I started gardening, I had lots of questions that the other books never discussed. Things like, "What does full sun mean?" and "Is there a right-way-up when I plant seeds?"

The Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle answers all the questions you have as a beginning gardener.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • What "full sun" means
  • The 3 tools you need for your vegetable garden
  • Whether seeds have a right-side-up
  • How much space you need for your garden
  • Whether you should plant seeds or seedlings
  • When to plant and harvest your vegetables
  • Identifying good and bad bugs in your garden
  • Keeping cats away from your garden

and lots, lots more!

You'll also have access to my special Facebook group, Vegetable Gardening Fanatics, where we share information and tips for a great garden.

Take a peek inside...

All of these beautiful, professionally-designed ebooks are yours for instant download. You can read them on your phone, iPad, or computer, or print them out for easy reference.

Won't it be great to enjoy your own fresh, delicious, organic vegetables?

Picture the kids popping cherry tomatoes into their mouths like candy...picking handfuls of crisp green beans to serve with your neighbors zucchini bread made from your very own zucchini.

You can have an abundant, productive garden like mine, with The Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle!