Why Your Kid Needs a Detox Bath

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These natural detox bath recipes help your body remove toxins and strengthen the immune system. Detox baths can help with constipation, colds, growing pains, and even temper tantrums.

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I can hear you now, through my computer screen: “Why does my kid needs a detox bath? Isn’t detox what they do at the Betty Ford clinic? What the heck would a kid need to detox from?”

Unfortunately…a lot.

Toxins are chemicals or poisons that have harmful effects on the body. They are in food and water, from chemicals in our soaps, lotions, in medicines, and even in the air. (Like when you help Daddy with a demolition and painting project.)

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Your body gets rid of toxins by filtering all your blood through your liver. The liver collects toxins and transforms them into compounds that exit your body…in the bathroom. (That’s a polite way to phrase it–right, Mom?) Many other organs are involved as well, including your skin, lungs and kidneys.

These are your body’s natural methods of detox when you are in good health. Your body’s systems are effective and efficient until they’re overloaded with toxins–then TILT!

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Signs of Toxin Overload

Your body stores excess toxins in the liver, fat cells, brain cells, and nerve cells. This overload manifests in many ways:

  • headache
  • muscle and joint pain
  • irritability
  • flu-like symptoms
  • allergic reactions, including hives, stuffy or runny nose
  • sneezing and coughing

Moms, do any of these sound familiar? When I learned this, those toddler tantrums and growing pains meant something completely different to me. Maybe Mr. Grumpypants needs to detox!

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The Detox Bath

Warm and soothing, detox baths help draw toxins out through the skin and ease the burden on the liver. They work great for kids and grownups alike.

A few points to note:

The detox bath is designed to open the skin’s pores, so don’t use harsh, chemical soaps. A natural, unscented castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s is perfect.

Unless your bathwater is purified, it probably contains chlorine, trace amounts of medicines, and who knows what else.

You don’t want to absorb that gunk while your pores are open, so neutralize it by adding 1 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder or ¼ cup natural baking soda to the bathwater.

doterra essential oils for detox bath

All of these recipes are for a full bathtub. If you’re only filling the tub halfway, adjust the amounts accordingly.

Immune Booster Detox Bath

Kids: 4 drops Protective blend and up to ½ cup epsom salt

Adults: up to 10 drops Protective blend and up to 2 cups epsom salt

Toddler Tantrum Tamer Detox Bath

Kids: 4 drops Lavender essential oil and up to ½ cup epsom salt

Colds or Congestion Detox Bath

Kids: 4 drops Eucalyptus essential oil OR Lemon essential oil (not both) and up to ½ cup epsom salt

Adults: up to 10 drops Eucalyptus OR Respiratory blend (not both) and up to 2 cups epsom salt

Constipation Detox Bath

Kids: 4 drops Digestive blend and up to ½ cup epsom salt

Growing Pains Detox Bath

Kids: 2 drops Marjoram essential oil and up to ½ cup epsom salt

Soak for 15-20 minutes in the tub, and drink lots of water afterward.

Ahem. Not the bath water, Little Buddy!

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Next time you’re faced with sick or grumpy kids, send ’em to the bath! Which one will you try first?

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