5 Natural Alternatives to Toilet Paper

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Need alternatives to toilet paper? Whether you're preserving the environment, worried about shortages, or are camping--here are some substitutes you can use when you're out of toilet paper.

rolls of toilet paper on blue background

Have you ever considered ditching toilet paper in your home? Some folks quit using TP for ecological reasons, or they visit a culture that doesn't use toilet paper.

Other people simply people run out of toilet paper and need an emergency substitute until they can get to the store.

If you're dealing with a toilet paper shortage, you have lots of options! Some of these are easy to find and use, and a couple are more extreme.

empty toilet paper roll

We've used some, and you may be surprised to find that your friends and family have done the same.

Take a seat (ahem) and check out these alternatives to toilet paper. You might find that you prefer them!

toilet paper rolls on blue background

5 Natural Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Any other ideas for replacing toilet paper? I read somewhere that you can use smooth rocks to scrape yourself clean, but I just can't recommend it. (Ohhh Emm Geee)

empty toilet paper roll

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