Homemade Pantry Recipes: Off The Shelf

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This recipe book shows you how to easily make your own condiments, sauces, and snacks from scratch. Skip the chemical-laden, packaged items from the store and make your own healthy, homemade food.

woman smiling and cooking stir fry vegetables at stove

It’s no secret that I like to make things instead of buying them. I’d rather spend a little extra time in the kitchen and know exactly what I’m feeding my family.

Have you looked at the ingredients in Heinz ketchup? It has high-fructose corn syrup AND corn syrup in it, for crying out loud. That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about this fantastic ebook that I helped write.

Off The Shelf: BrownThumbMama.com

Off The Shelf: Homemade Alternatives to the Condiments, Toppings, and Snacks you Love

This is a collaborative ebook by the leading real food bloggers on the web (including little ol’ me!). It’s a collection of real food pantry staples that are 1000% better than the mystery concoctions from the grocery store.

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What’s in this recipe book?

  • More than 50 recipes from experts in real food and healthy living

  • 100 pages of delightful color photos and clear, simple recipes

  • All made from scratch with no junk or fillers added!

spoons full of condiments

Here’s a peek at a couple of the many simple, delicious recipes in Off The Shelf:

aioli in bowl

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dilly green beans in bowl

Recipes in Off The Shelf include:

Mayonnaise • Mustard • Horseradish Sauce • Jam and Jellies • Salad Dressings • Salsas • Hummus • Hot Salt • Montreal Steak Spice • Asian Style Plum Sauce • Pickles • Old Fashioned Tomato Paste • Homemade Marshmallows • DIY Food Coloring • Granola Bars • Hot Fudge Sauce • and many more!

See how easy it is to make your own! Save money and protect your family from unpronounceable ingredients.

Get Off The Shelf for just $6.98!

Off The Shelf is a downloadable PDF ebook. This is not a physical book. You can view it on your computer, mobile device, or email it to your Kindle or Nook, and you can also print individual recipes as you wish.

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