Turning a t-shirt into pajama shorts

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A recent closet cleaning coincided with Jackjack running out of pajama shorts, and a repurposing idea was born.

Find an appropriate t-shirt and lay it out flat.
tshirt laying on floor

Grab a pair of shorts that fit well. Turn them inside out and lay them against the edge and bottom of the shirt–this will be your pattern. Since the shorts line up with the bottom of the shirt, you won’t have to hem the shorts.
shorts laid over tshirt

Trace around the edge of the shorts. Note that Mom’s seamstress chalk is completely petrified after sitting in the sewing box for 30 years. A pencil works just fine.
trace around shorts onto tshirt fabric

Cut along your traced line.
cut out tshirt fabric

Flip over the piece you just cut and lay it on the other side of the shirt to cut the second leg.
fabric laying on floor as pattern

Open the pieces up and pin the right sides together. Sew along the curvy parts only.
cut fabric on floor

There isn’t a good way to explain the next part in words…just take a look and you’ll get it. Pick up the piece you just sewed. It doesn’t look anything like a pair of shorts, does it?
cut out shorts fabric
Grab it in the middle…
fabric cut into shorts pattern
…and give it a shake. Amazing, huh? I sure thought so.
shorts made from tshirt

Now you just need to sew up the crotch and waist.
sewing fabric

Be sure to leave an open space for the elastic, and use a safety pin to help guide it through.
putting elastic in shorts

Sew the waist closed, and presto! Pajama shorts.

shorts on floor

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