Neatly store extra paint

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Store Extra Paint:

Raise your hand if your garage is a mess.

*Mama peeks out into internet land*

Yep, mine is too.

The shelves above the dryer are a “hot spot” for clutter, including extra paint. We bought our house in 1996, and have done lots of painting over the years. (The master bath was Pepto-Bismol pink when we moved in! Seriously!)

Of course, we keep the paint cans in case we need to do touch-ups–but there’s only a cup or two of paint in any of them. They’re taking up waaaay more space than they need to like this. There are 9 gallons of paint on the top shelf, and 3 pints on the lower shelf.

Store extra paint:

You might think, “Hey, I’ve got plenty of space! Why should I worry about storing my extra paint?” Well, paint isn’t cheap. And if your storage methods are anything like mine were, you’ll open a paint can to find this.

Store extra paint:

Not doing any touch-ups with that…sigh.

Because we save our spaghetti sauce jars for storing leftovers, I have lots of extra glass jars. These are perfect for storing paint! You can see exactly what color you have, and there’s a jar for just about every size you’d need. They seal easily and you don’t end up with dry, wasted paint.

Grab a couple of clean jars with lids and you’re ready to get started. Don’t use plastic! Pop open the paint can and give the paint a good stir. Then pour the paint into a jar (a spare canning funnel helps contain the mess). Wipe off the rim of the jar with a paper towel, put the lid on, and label the jar with the paint color details or the room it’s used in.

Not bad, huh? I never realized how monochrome our color scheme was until I saw these paints together. Might be time for a splash of color somewhere…

Store extra paint:

How do you store your extra paint? Share your tips in the comments!

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