Best Green Beans to Grow in Containers

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You can grow green beans, snap beans, or wax beans even if you don’t have a lot of space! Here are the 8 varieties of bean that will thrive and produce a huge harvest in pots or containers.

green beans growing in container and basket of beans

If you’ve ever seen a tall trellis full of green beans, you may think there’s no way you could grow them in a pot. I have good news for you!

Green beans are one of the easiest vegetables for beginning gardeners to grow in containers. By planting the right variety of bean, you’ll have a huge harvest for cooking, pickling, or just eating right off the plant.

These 8 varieties of green bean are perfect for growing in containers. By the way–they aren’t all green! The kids will especially get a kick out of the yellow and purple varieties.

yellow and green beans

Best Green Beans to Grow in Containers

bowl of green beans

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  1. Hi there, I just discovered your site and am really enjoying it. The post that led me there was a pinterest post about Lemon Powder.
    My reason for commenting today is because I’ve never heard of some of the beans you have listed in this particular post. Can you tell me please, where I would find them?
    Can you help me find an answer to this question: I live in Zone 8 (Dallas, Tx. area). Can you tell me please how late I could plant another crop of bush beans?
    Thanks for your help.