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Cleaning your oven can be easy! Get rid of those chemical oven cleaners and use this natural, nontoxic oven cleaner for a safe, powerful 1-2 cleaning punch.

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How often do you clean your oven...really? I use my oven regularly, and no matter how hard I try, occasionally things will splatter or bubble over and spill into the oven. Then, those splatters and drippings bake onto the oven door or the bottom of your oven.

By the time the oven has cooled, I've forgotten about the mess. And the next time I bake, there's smoke everywhere. Oooops!

Can you relate?

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Why Use A Natural Oven Cleaner

Cleaning the oven is a pain. I don’t have one of those fancy self-cleaning models--mine requires elbow grease to get clean.

Ease off of those chemical cleaners (they all get a health grade of “F” from Environmental Working Group) and use this natural combo for a 1-2 cleaning punch. 

The process is time-consuming and using chemical-filled commercial oven cleaners is not on my must-have list.

Just like with my DIY All-Purpose Cleaner, I’m grateful there are quick and easy ways to make an effective natural oven cleaner using simple products you probably already have at home. 

This homemade oven cleaner recipe shines in comparison to commercial cleaners because:

  • There are no toxic chemicals that lead to toxic fumes that the entire household breathes.
  • It’s cheaper to make than buying commercial cleaners.
  • There are no chemical irritants to irritate your skin as you clean. 

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Homemade Oven Cleaner Recipe Ingredients and Why I Use Them

Each ingredient in this recipe has a specific purpose. 

  • Table salt - Adds an abrasive quality to help scrub away even the toughest of burned-on foods.
  • Borax - Also known as sodium borate and helps remove tough stains.
  • Baking soda - Also known as sodium bicarbonate and acts as both a natural abrasive as well as works to soften baked-on foods.
  • White vinegar - Contains disinfecting properties and reacts with the baking soda to clean.
  • Lemon essential oil - Has disinfecting properties and makes your oven smell citrusy fresh.

What Can I Use Instead of Lemon Oil?

Lemon oil is my favorite essential oil to use because of its scent and disinfecting properties. However, if you don't have lemon oil, there are several different oils you can use in its place!

Keep in mind that the smell may linger for a little while in your oven and some of these might not smell the best when heated.

Try these ideas as replacements for lemon oil:

  • Wild orange oil - This is another citrusy oil so it will smell bright and uplifting while also purifying. 
  • Tea tree oil (aka melaleuca) - This is one of my favorite oils for general cleaning because it works so well. However, its scent may not be one you want lingering in your oven. I recommend you try it in a small section before fully committing.
  • Thyme oil - Another powerful essential oil for cleaning, Thyme oil can be used to clean your cutting boards and your oven.

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modern oven in white kitchen

Natural, Nontoxic Oven Cleaner

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

Get rid of those chemical oven cleaners and use this natural, nontoxic oven cleaner for a safe, powerful 1-2 cleaning punch.

Mix this recipe up as needed--don’t try to store it for later.


  1. Put the salt, borax, and baking soda in a large bowl. Break up any lumps with a spring whisk or fork. Add water to form a thick paste.
  2. Spread the paste on the oven floor and walls (not the window) and allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Add the vinegar and essential oil to the spray bottle and gently swirl to combine.
  4. Spray this mixture over the paste (it will bubble) and wipe away/scrub as needed. Use steel wool to easily scrub away any tough spots.
  5. Using a clean microfiber cloth or sponge, wipe the oven thoroughly clean so no residue remains.

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Try making your own natural oven cleaner today! I know once you see how effective and affordable a natural cleaner is, you'll ditch the chemical-laden products.

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