How to Freeze Corn

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It's easy to freeze sweet corn while it's fresh and enjoy it all winter. Preserve your corn from the garden or farmers' market with these helpful tips. No blanching or cooking needed!

freshly picked corn on the cob

Ahhh, summer. Time for homemade fudgesicles, barbecues, natural Kool-Aid, macaroni salad, and lots of fresh corn on the cob with butter. Mmmm...

While I recognize that some of you out there have teenagers (and therefore no leftovers of any kind), some of us will end up with more corn on the cob than we know what to do with.

You might be tempted to toss those uneaten ears in the trash, but wait! It only takes a minute to prep and freeze them--and then you have corn to add to cornbread, fried rice, or whatever strikes your fancy.

corn on the cob on wood table

Tips for Freezing Corn

Wait until the corn has cooled, then stand each cob on its end. Using a sharp knife, cut straight down at a little bit of an angle.

cutting corn off the cob

You won't get every little bit off the ear, but that's OK. Some people like to balance the corn in a bundt cake pan so the kernels won't bounce off the cutting board, but that seems a little precarious to me. As you can see, the corn kind of sticks together in rows as you cut it off.

Once all the ears are cut, spread the kernels out on a cookie sheet (this is my favorite brand), baking pan, or whatever flat surface (with edges) that will fit in your freezer.

Make sure the corn is in a single, even layer, but it's ok if the kernels touch. Pop the tray into the freezer for several hours to overnight.

corn spread out on cookie sheet

Once the corn is completely frozen, break up any clumps and store in the freezer-safe container of your choice (ziplok, canning jar, etc).

Pretty easy, huh? And much better than feeling bad or wasteful for throwing leftovers away.

P.S. I'm not a fan of unitaskers, but Amazon has a little gizmo called a corn kerneler that you could use instead of a knife. Go check it out--isn't it funny looking? Kind of like a corn-munching donut. 🙂

corn on table

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