7 Best Natural Air Fresheners

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These natural air fresheners will make your house smell great, without toxic chemicals. Clear the stale or stuffy air in your house with these natural air fresheners.

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An important part of creating a non-toxic home is eliminating dangerous chemicals whenever possible. The everyday cleaners and air fresheners we grew up with contain ingredients that can be harmful to us, our kids, and pets.

Why aren't those chemicals listed? Good question. Under the U.S. Federal Hazardous Substances Act, manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients of household cleaners. Convenient, hmmm?

Toxins in Air Freshener Sprays

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Many of us grew up using air freshener sprays, gels, and plug-ins in our homes. What we didn't know then (but are learning now) is that many air fresheners use carcinogens, chemicals that can aggravate asthma, and affect reproductive development.

Independent lab testing of spray, gel, and plug-in air fresheners confirmed the presence of phthalates (hormone-disrupting chemicals that could be a health risk to babies and young children) in 85% of products tested—including those marked “all natural.” None of the products had these chemicals listed on their labels. (source)

“No problem,” you say. “I have some lovely scented candles that I’ll use instead.”

I have bad news for you.

Toxins in Scented Candles

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We stopped using scented candles years ago, when the kids were little. It seemed waaay too dangerous to have a yummy-smelling open flame around a toddler. But there are even more reasons why you should toss the scented candles.

Regular scented candles, like the Yankee ones and the Stinky Bath Store type, are actually a source of chemicals that are as dangerous as second-hand smoke. Most scented candles are made from paraffin wax, which releases toxic chemicals when burned. These chemicals have been linked to asthma, allergies, and even cancer. (source)

Older scented candles, or cheap imported candles may have lead wicks. When burned, these wicks can emit lead into the air at levels that exceed OSHA standards for adults. This makes the air even more toxic for children. (source)

Instead of candles or sprays, make one of these natural air fresheners and breathe easy.

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Best Natural Air Fresheners

It’s easy to make your home smell great with these inexpensive and effective natural air fresheners. These DIY air fresheners don't use toxic chemicals like store-bought sprays.

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