Replacing plastic with glass

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Does your “tupper” cupboard look like this? Don’t despair. Mine did too until just last weekend. I was tired of fighting the boxes, getting everything to fit, and trying to match the right lid to the right container.

I don’t like to microwave food in plastic containers–and they are pretty gross with soap residue after going through the dishwasher. Ick.

In a bold move, I dumped all the tuppers in the recycle and replaced them with glass containers. Now there are a bunch of spaghetti sauce jars and Pyrex dishes from Amazon (purchased with a gift card earned from Swagbucks, of course).

Why the spaghetti sauce jars? We had been recycling them, and then I realized–leftovers don’t care what kind of a container they’re in [slaps forehead in disbelief]. Cooked pasta, slices of BBQ chicken, extra roasted veggies now go in jars instead of ziplocs or plastics.

Yes, there are fewer containers. That will force us to eat up the leftovers more quickly, which keeps the fridge cleaner too. No more leftovers-turned-science projects for us! And check out how nice the cupboard looks.

What do you keep your leftovers in? (Those of you with teenage boys in the house don’t have to answer, since you don’t have any leftovers.) Tell us in the comments.

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