Uses for Empty TP Rolls

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Uses for empty TP rolls:

I just love you guys.

Out of curiosity, I asked this recently on Facebook: When you change the TP roll, do you put the old tube in the recycling?

I figured I’d get a bunch of people clicking “like” or saying “nope.” Instead, you guys gave me lots of ideas for reusing them. Check these out!

Heather and Kathy are thinking of using them for worm composting.

Jennifer uses them for seed starting.

Lazell and California’s Harvest collect them for camping season, when they’re great for fire starters.

Andrea puts them around seedlings to protect them from cutworms (I do too!). Here they are guarding my bok choi.

Donna saves them for the kids, who use them for arts and crafts.

Rachelle is using them to make Christmas decorations.

Lolly sent us this video that shows how to transform them into art.

Kristi puts them in her compost.

Diane pointed out that “As the female head of household, I am the only one capable of changing the TP.” LOL!

If you don’t feel like recycling or reusing, Shelly points out that Scott is testing a tube-free version. Brilliant!

Any more ideas? Share with us in the comments!

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