Best Vegetables to Grow in a Drought

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Yes! You can grow a vegetable garden in a drought or with low water conditions. Here are 7 drought-tolerant vegetables, including recommended varieties and planting tips.

roma tomatoes on vine

You may have heard that here in California, we don't have enough water to wet our whistle. There's no snow, lakes are drying up, and severe water restrictions are in place.

We aren't the only ones! Many gardeners across the US are making do with less water because of cost, conservation, or personal choice.

green beans in garden

Don't fret. If you're reducing your water use, you can still have a great vegetable garden! There are many vegetables you can grow in a drought, and I also recommend growing herbs indoors to save water.

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Finding Drought-Tolerant Vegetables

Some vegetables, like cucumber and watermelon, need lots of water to grow and thrive. So how do you find vegetables that will grow in drought conditions? Here are some tips:

  • Look for varieties that are fast-maturing (are ripe in fewer days than other types). These will be ready to eat sooner, so you'll water less often.
  • Plants that originate in a Mediterranean climate can handle drought.
  • Consider low-water, perennial vegetables and fruits, like asparagus, pomegranate, or grapes.
  • Determinate varieties, like Roma tomatoes, ripen all at once and are done producing. You can pull the plant after fruiting, and no longer need to water it.

basket of roma tomatoes in the garden

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Drought

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