The Very Best Gifts for Dad

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Here are the best gifts for Dad–ones he’ll love and use (no neckties!). If your Dad is a handyman, DIY guy, or gardener, there’s a great gift here for him.

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Who has trouble figuring out the best present for the guys in your life? *every woman on the internet raises her hand*

Me too!

Whenever I ask Hubby or my father-in-law what they want for Christmas, they just shrug and say, “I don’t really need anything.” Typical Dad answer, right?

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Well, that’s not helpful. Even if they can’t think of anything they need, I still want to get them presents. And I want the guys in my life to get quality gifts that they will use and enjoy.

Now if you’re looking for a silly present or a prank gift, I recommend one of these White Elephant Gifts. There are a lot of funny joke gifts in there! (The 4th one is my favorite.)

But if you want to give your Dad, brother, uncle, mentor–or any man in your life–a thoughtful, quality gift then you’re in the right place. 

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Here are 20 “Dad-Approved” tools and gifts from Garrett Wade that he’ll use, appreciate, and pass down to the next generation.

The Garrett Wade philosophy is simple: to find and bring you unique tools of exceptional quality and solid value–tools that feature superb design, durable material, and superior workmanship. I’ve used their garden tools for some time, and am very impressed with their quality.

For each gift idea, I’m providing the manufacturer’s description along with a Real Dad Review. Yep, these are the real, unscripted words from the Dads who reviewed this list. Here we go!

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The Very Best Gifts for Dads

For Dads Who Love Woodworking

Here are five essential products for Dad's wood shop or workshop. These are unique, quality tools that are great for lots of DIY projects.

For Dads Who Love DIY

Every Dad will appreciate these tools, whether he's a hardcore DIY guy or just has to fix a leaky faucet every now and then.

For Dads Who Love the Outdoors

Is your Dad into hunting, fishing, or camping? Here are just a few ideas for Father's Day gifts he will love and use again and again.

For Dads Who Love Gardening

Whether your Dad is growing flowers, vegetables, or both, he'll appreciate these quality garden tools that will make his job so much easier.

Pretty cool stuff, right? There are lots of great gift ideas at Garrett Wade–check them out today!

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