11 Vegetables to Plant in May {Zone 9}

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Let’s get in the garden! This planting guide for Zone 9 has 11 vegetables to plant in May for a great harvest this summer and fall. Includes recommended varieties and growing tips.

tomatoes growing on vine

Yahooo! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and it is the perfect time for gardening. May is the perfect time to plant your vegetable seeds and seedlings, and get your garden started.

Are you a brand new gardener? Not sure what to plant or when to plant it? I can help.
You’ll find lots of great information in my new book, The First-Time Gardener: Container Food Gardening.

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11 Vegetables to Plant in May

tomatoes on vine

Want to know what to plant every month?

Grab a copy of the Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle, which has loads of gardening information plus a monthly planting schedule for every zone in the U.S.

More of What to Plant This Month

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19 thoughts on -11 Vegetables to Plant in May {Zone 9}-

  1. Hi Pam, I always enjoy your posts. I wanted to thank you for the little asides you add. Today you suggest sugar snap peas in Orange Chicken. I enjoy making this so, thank you. xol

  2. Avatar photo
    Linda Elizabeth Patterson

    Hi Pam, I live in Baltimore. Two years ago I planted my garden with Tomatoes, Cabbage, string beans, and Cucumbers. Nothing came up. I turned my soil over thinking that would help. But nothing happened. I gave up and didn’t plant last year. I’m going to try again this year. How can I not repeat the same problem?

  3. What is Louisiana ‘s Zone and When Should I Start preparing the soil for the garden and should I start with seedlings or starter plants and when and which which fruits and veggies should I begin with would like to have a garden this coming spring and I have a green house can you give Green Thumb Beginner some good growing gardening tips and suggestions or recommend actions to get me started Thank You Green Thumb in the Making

  4. This inspiring me to start a new garden!! <3
    When I lived in Kentucky, I had a lovely vegetable garden, but it certainly is a whole different animal here in Florida!

  5. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Smith

    Hi Pam I live in south west Florida and I want to start a raised vegetable garden in May. What can I plant?

  6. Thank you for all the useful info, Pam.
    I am planting my 1st garden in containers in zone 9 now (mid-May)
    It seems like kale & lettuce is best planted in April, is there any they will do fine being planted now?

  7. Avatar photo
    Theresa Johnson

    I live in an apartment. I love to garden.
    I have several plants on my patio, the only one edible is Aloe Vera. I love vegetables and I would like to grow my own. I was thinking about growing tomatoes, chives, and other vegetables. What do you recommend? Is there a way to dwarf some of them to make them smaller vegetables?

  8. Loved what I saw here …i live in India and I am developing intrest in planting basic vegetables for my kitchen….just that not sure how to go about it in a tiny place and also it is summer season now…..would be a great help if there are any suggestions

  9. Pam,
    I’m an east tx gardener,zone 8 , just 40 minutes east of Dallas and I would like to know where zone 11 is, because I don’t think I can plant all the vegetables you have mentioned , in my zone 8 at the times you are saying because of the heat.
    For instance the peas. So I’m thinking you must know some really heat tolerate ones.
    I’m also 68 so I don’t keep on top of the latest new variety’s. But I like you’re info. Glad I found you. Any info is great info to me on the subject of vegetable’s and flowers.
    Thankyou ,

    1. I’m in zone 9, so we definitely have different planting times. You can check with your local Cooperative Extension office to see what varieties will grow best in your zone.