5 Best Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners

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Growing vegetables in containers is easy! Here are the 5 best container vegetables, including varieties, planting instructions, and more.

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Are you a beginning gardener? New to ideas like crop rotation and plant thinning? Don’t worry–vegetable gardening doesn’t have to be a chore.

Even if you only have an apartment patio, you can grow your own vegetables in pots or containers. There’s no comparison in flavor, and a $3 packet of seeds will give you plants for several years.

Are you a brand new gardener? Not sure what to plant or when to plant it? I can help.
You’ll find lots of great information in my new book, The First-Time Gardener: Container Food Gardening.

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Growing vegetables in containers is an easy way to enjoy fresh food without the hassles of pulling weeds or tilling the soil. All you need is a pot, good soil, and sun!

Here are the 5 best container vegetables for beginning gardeners. They’re all easy to start from seed and will grow happily in pots on your patio, driveway, next to your pool…wherever they fit.

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Are your seeds still good?
Most vegetable and herb seeds will be viable for many years, but some need to be replaced every year. Get your free Seed Viability Chart here!

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Best Vegetables to Grow in Containers

Growing vegetables in containers is easy, especially for beginners! Here are the 5 best container vegetables for beginning gardeners, planting instructions, and recipes for your harvest.

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