Vegetables and Fruits Kids Love to Grow

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Kids who grow vegetables love to eat vegetables! Here are the 5 best vegetables and fruits to grow with kids. They’re easy to grow and delicious to eat.

kids planting strawberries

Since I spend a lot of time in the garden, the kids do too. They enjoy playing in the dirt, planting seeds, and petting Neighbor Kitty when he stops by. 

They also enjoy eating what they’ve planted and will wander through the garden grazing on this and that. I don’t use chemicals, so it’s safe for them to eat and play in the garden with me. 

Here are the five best vegetables and fruits to grow with your kids. If your kids are like mine, they’ll eat the whole harvest before they get to the house!

baby eating carrot in garden

5 Best Vegetables to Grow With Kids


hand holding giant strawberry

These are a universal kid favorite, and are easier to grow than watermelons or cantaloupe. You can grow them in the ground or in a container like this. We like Albion strawberries because they produce all summer and the fruit is large and firm–easy for little hands to find and pick. Learn more about how to grow great strawberries.

Snow peas

hand holding double set snow peas

Snow peas are our son’s favorite vegetable, and the only way I can get any for myself is to harvest them while he’s at baseball practice. You do need a small trellis or something for the vines to climb on. We like Oregon Sugar Pod because they taste great and they usually set doubles (two pods on one stalk). Learn more about how to grow snow peas.

Cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoes on vine

These are a big winner at our elementary school garden. Support them with a cage or stakes, either in the ground or in a container. Sweetie Cherry is a yummy variety that the kids munch like candy. You can grow them from seed but I prefer to buy a seedling from the garden center. One plant is enough to feed your family and most of the neighborhood.


cucumber growing in garden

We grow at least three varieties of cukes from seed each year: Tasty Green for salads; Homemade Pickles for–you guessed it; and Persian Baby for snacking. Cucumbers are vining plants, so you’ll need a small trellis or something similar for them to climb on. I grow mine at an angle against the back fence, so the cukes hang down for easier picking. Learn more about growing vegetables vertically.


purple, yellow, white, orange carrots on burlap

Carrots are a classic garden vegetable. They are easy to grow and amazing to eat fresh or cooked. And who knew there are so many different kinds of carrots?!? Different colors, different shapes, and yes–slightly different flavors with each. Your kids will probably want to try several different kinds. We like Carnival Blend for their fun colors and Tonda di Parigi for their cute shape.

girl planting strawberries

Questions About Growing Vegetables With Kids

Can my kids plant the seeds themselves?

Absolutely! You can either start the seeds indoors in a paper cup full of seed starting mix, or plant them directly in the ground. Make a hole in the soil that’s twice as deep as the seed itself. Drop the seed in, cover lightly with soil, and water gently. If planting seeds in the ground, I like to put a piece of toilet paper tube around the seed so it’s protected from bugs.

seedlings inside toilet paper tube forts

We got a seedling from the store. How do we plant it?

Dig a hole a little bit bigger than the container you’re taking the plant out of. When you take the seedling out of the container, don’t pull it by the leaves or stem! Because the plant is so young, this can cause the stem or roots to break off and your seedling will die. Instead, push up on the bottom of the container until the seedling pops out. Place the seedling in the hole, add soil to fill, and water gently.

How long does it take for these vegetables to grow?

Each one is slightly different (check the seed packet or plant label for exact information), but most will be ready to harvest within 60 days.

We don’t have a garden. Can I grow these in containers?

Yes! All of these vegetables will grow in containers. Learn more about container gardening.

How do I know what to plant right now?

Get a customized Vegetable Planting Schedule for your area so you’ll know exactly what to plant each month.

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