14 Vegetables to Plant in October {Zone 9}

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Learn which vegetables to plant in October, plus the best varieties, planting tips, and recipes for your harvest. These 14 vegetables will grow and thrive through the fall and winter!

rows of peppermint stick chard growing in garden with drip lines between

October is time for soup and sweaters, falling leaves and scarves. You might think that it’s too cold to garden—but it’s not! There are lots of tasty vegetables you can plant in October.

All of these vegetables can handle the cold weather just fine. And everyone will be impressed with your gardening skill when you’re harvesting fresh veggies in the winter. 😉

Are you a brand new gardener? Not sure what to plant or when to plant it? I can help.
You’ll find lots of great information in my new book, The First-Time Gardener: Container Food Gardening.

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This planting guide for Zone 9 gives you fourteen vegetables you can plant in October for a great harvest this fall. Not sure what planting zone you’re in? No problem. This interactive map will tell you. Let’s go!

broccoli seedlings in the garden

14 Vegetables to Plant in October

Want to know what to plant every month?

Knowing which vegetables to plant in each growing season ensures your plants will thrive and give you a great harvest. Check out my Vegetable Garden Planting Schedules so you know exactly what to plant each month of the year.

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4 thoughts on -14 Vegetables to Plant in October {Zone 9}-

  1. Avatar photo
    Eugene D Mihalicz

    I live in zone 3 bordering on 2. I only see a few plants to put in the ground at this time of year in our area. Some are garlic, biennial carrots, parsnips, and some people say the parsley plant will come again, mine never have. Other plants that will overwinter are rhubarb, asparagus, raspberry vines, sweet pea seeds for germination next spring and a whole host of flowers but vegetable help is lacking.

  2. Hi! I have lived almost all my life up in snow country and have always had a garden; and now that I am living in zone 9 I need to re-train my garden thoughts and its hard :-). I have gotten some great ideas from you for planting in my new zone. I am so excited here as I can plant so many things I could not before; for instances fuchsias. Now the last thing I ever figured I could do is plant in October????.

    Thanks for the delightful ideas for the dreary winter time.