11 Vegetables to Plant in August {Zone 9}

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There are lots of vegetables you can plant in August! Even though it’s hot outside, these vegetables can handle the heat and will give you a tasty harvest this fall and winter. Includes recommended varieties, planting tips, and recipes.

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It’s August already…where has the summer gone? If you’re in the middle of canning up your garden’s bounty, you might not be thinking about what you can plant this month.

Good news! There are lots of vegetables that can handle the heat and give you a tasty harvest this fall and winter.

Are you a brand new gardener? Not sure what to plant or when to plant it? I can help.
You’ll find lots of great information in my new book, The First-Time Gardener: Container Food Gardening.

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This planting guide for Zone 9 will give you 11 vegetables you can plant in August for a great harvest this fall. Let’s get started!

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11 Vegetables to Plant in August

Want to know what to plant every month?

Grab a copy of the Ultimate Beginning Gardener Bundle, which has loads of gardening information plus a monthly planting schedule for every zone in the U.S.

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4 thoughts on -11 Vegetables to Plant in August {Zone 9}-

  1. Love your opi n ions on varieties. I’m in zone 9 and very much interested in companion plant designs as bug deterants with appropriate vegetable. I have been researching and poorly designing but always looking to the more experienced gardner

  2. Hi Diane here, have never planted in August but going to give it a try. Right now the beans are being harvested, I staggered the planting and am happy with the results. Will be picking peaches soon!!! Yup I’m thrilled. Only our second summer on Vancouver Island in new home and this year has given us more rain then last year and still working on getting a good compost system happening. Been a real learning experience. thanks for all your suggestions and advice.