18 Vegetables to Plant in March {Zone 9}

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Spring is here and it’s time to start planting. Here are the 18 vegetables to plant in March (Zone 9), either directly in the garden or by starting the seeds indoors. Includes recommended varieties, planting tips, and recipes for your harvest. 

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The first step in starting your Spring garden (after you’ve picked out your vegetable seeds) is to make sure your soil is warm enough for the seeds or plants to survive.

Different plants like different temperatures, but most need a soil temperature of at least 60F to grow and thrive. A compost thermometer is the easiest way to measure your soil temperature. If the soil isn’t warm enough when you plant, the seeds will either rot or sit there until the soil is warm enough for them to grow.

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Next, prepare your soil and add any amendments (homemade compost, natural fertilizer, etc) of your choice. You’re ready to get started!

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18 Vegetables to Plant in March {Zone 9}

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7 thoughts on -18 Vegetables to Plant in March {Zone 9}-

  1. HI!
    I got a butternut plant in a pot in my full morning sun to mid afternoon and I’m really keen to get a harvest!! Because of the small pot I’ve been giving it plant food weeklyish. How long must I wait to taste creamy butternut????

    1. Avatar photo
      Norma Dudzinski

      I am a pretty good flower gardener but new to herbs and vegetables and welcome any advice you can give me. Thought I plant some herbs and a few veg, if I have room , in containers or ground.
      Just brought a container 25Lx11wx12
      I’m starting with a mint plant that came in a plastic 8 inch contain I just put on top of ground 2 years ago and roots grew out and into the ground so I get mint a big bushel for 3 for months . I love it so that’s why I am adventuring into a herb veg garden now.

  2. I just found you after listening to Side Hustle School and I am so glad that I did. I enjoy basic gardening and your advice is very helpful. Thanks so much!